New Patient Registration

Boundary Area

Catchment Area

Hill View Surgery are always accepting new patients from Rainworth and surrounding areas.

There are a two different ways to register with the surgery.

1. Pop in to the surgery and collect a registration form.


2. Complete the Pre-registration form online, which will enable us to register you IF your NHS number is provided.

Please note if you complete the pre-registration form online  we will still need you to complete some more information at a later date.

To register with us you will either need your NHS number or 2 forms of identification (one photo). Your NHS number will be on your medical card/letter, any prescriptions you have received recently and most hospital letters. Alternatively if you go in to/call your previous surgery they should be able to give you this information. To register using 2 forms of identification it must confirm your date of birth, current address, full name and at least 1 photo if possible.

We aim to complete all registrations the day they are returned to the surgery and treatment/care can begin from the day you are registered.

New patients are invited to participate in a new patient check by our nurse/HCA. This ensures that your medical records are fully up to date.

We are happy to see temporary residents here at Hill View Surgery. This may be family/friends who are staying with you short term and do not live in the local area (for any long term stays we do advise registering fully). They will also need to fill in a form, this can be collected from reception also. Temporary residents may not be seen the same day, depending on availability of appointments.